Escort Vehicle Driver Training

Cost: $125 (Ask about our Company Discount!)

As of January 1, 2014, the law requires that applicants complete an eight-hour classroom training course before taking the escort vehicle driver certification test. Current certified escort vehicle drivers will be required to take the classroom training before they can renew their certifications. When applying for or renewing the escort vehicle driver certification, applicants must present proof of successful completion of the training course.

To qualify for the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification, a person must:

  • Have a valid Virginia driver’s license or valid license in the state or jurisdiction in which he or she is a resident
  • Complete an eight-hour classroom training course at a DMV approved facility before taking the escort driver certification test
  • Have passed the escort vehicle driver’s certification test
  • Pay a $25 certification fee.

Please bring the following to the first day of class:

  • A valid VA Driver’s License OR a valid license in the state or jurisdiction in which you live
  • Payment ($125) in the form of cash, credit card, or money order

Sign up for Escort Vehicle Driver Training:
Please let us know if you want to sign up for this class by calling us at 540-904-7381 or emailing us at See our calendar for dates of scheduled classes.