Saudi Arabian Women Go Behind the Wheel

June of next year will be a monumental time for the women of Saudi Arabia. For the first time in the history of the country, the ban against women drivers will be lifted! Some of you might be thinking to yourself, seriously, did I read this right? The answer is yes, yes you did. Since Saudi Arabia’s creation in 1932, its women have had very few rights as citizens in their own country. Let alone, simple basic human rights many other women all over the world have taken for granted. Until now, the topic of licensed female drivers has not been on the discussion table.

So why, after so many years, has their government decided to entertain this crazy idea of allowing its women to get behind the wheel of a vehicle? Even going as far as turning such an absurd notion into a law? One could only hope that it is because they finally saw the error in their archaic ways of thinking about the female population! I’m sure their reasoning for such a drastic decision had nothing to do with the hopes of it helping stimulate the country’s economic growth. Right?

This phenomenal and uplifting decision for change, no matter the reason for it, brings a fresh new spin to the old phrase, “You go girl!” Soon these women can even dare to say, “You go girl! Go jump in that car and get yourself those new shoes!”

Who knows, maybe by 2025 Saudi Arabia will have women owned-driving schools! Thank you for reading my blog, hope this topic was enlightening and eye-opening. Special thanks to the following informational websites:

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For anyone, like myself, who is “geographically challenged,” Saudi Arabia is located in Asia and it borders Israel, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, and United Arab Emirates.

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